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Where To Buy Vitamin K Drops For Newborns

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For a short time, when concerns were first raised about the safety of vitamin K injections, parents were given information to make an informed decision and they were offered the opportunity to have their babies given vitamin K by drops, rather than injection. Two doses of drops were needed for all babies (one at birth and one 3 to 5 days later), and another in the fourth week, if the baby was breastfed.During the time that many babies were getting vitamin K by drops, several babies in Australia had severe episodes of bleeding, which were probably due to HDN. It seemed very clear that getting vitamin K by one injection is safer and more effective than by three sets of drops.

The absence of an FDA-approved oral liquid formulation means that only the 5 mg tablet or parenteral formulation is available for prescription. Using the tablet entails cutting and crushing to achieve the typical 2 or 4 mg dose, whereas the parenteral formulation requires additional logistic hurdles once the newborn patient is discharged from the hospital. Because oral liquid formulations are not FDA approved, actual concentrations of vitamin K in over-the-counter formulations may be variable with unclear efficacy or safety.14,21

The AAP continues to recommend IM vitamin K as the sole mode of prophylaxis against VKDB but does not present a firm statement on oral vitamin K prophylaxis.23 Our study shows that not only are perceived rates of IM vitamin K refusal by parents of newborns rising among clinicians, but oral vitamin K is being prescribed with the belief that it is better than nothing. Given these changing times, the AAP should update their policy statement from 2003 to include guidance on oral vitamin K prophylaxis, education for clinicians and families, and a unified approach in discussions on vitamin K prophylaxis.

Our study has several limitations. Only tertiary academic medical centers were included. Although the clinicians who we surveyed worked in different practice settings, all were affiliated with an academic center and cared for newborns born in a medical institution. This may have skewed our findings and made them less applicable to a larger population because higher rates of vitamin K refusal have been associated with deliveries at birth centers and home births.24 Furthermore, because the 3 institutions were chosen as a convenience sample by using a nonprobability sampling method, selection bias may have played a role. Another limitation is that midwives were excluded. Midwife-assisted deliveries are also associated with higher rates of parental vitamin K refusal.24 Our small sample size and limited scope in survey sites may have captured different opinions and practices than had we expanded our survey population and practice locations.24

Dosage on this should be given to you by your caregiver, don't call me for that information. Use this protocol ONLY, no need to call, just do it. Vitamin K Protocols This is what most CNMs use :4 drops on first day and 1 week later Then at one month I offer vitamin oral K as an alternative to the injection. I do this because of a study I read that shows the efficacy matches that of the injectable, as long as you follow the proper protocol The extreme heat may make the oil separate, just shake it up and it will be fine. This product is not to be refrigerated keep at room temperature. There should not be any problems if they are frozen either. This item ships Priority mail which is 2-3 days, unless ordered with additional items. We do ship worldwide

Four drops provides 2 mg of vitamin K-1 activity. This info is from Biotics. .Bio-K-Mulsion supplies vitamin K1 (500 mcg per drop) in an emulsified liquid form to aid in the uptake and utilization of this important vitamin. Vitamin K status is important in bone health, and recent research has linked it to cardiovascular health as well. Bio-K-Mulsion is an oil-in-water emulsion. Vitamin K oil has been dispersed into microscopic particles to aid with abs

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