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Wilkinson - If You Want It (Audio)


Wilkinson - If You Want It (Audio)

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Dogs are welcome. Canines are great hiking companions and we want for everyone to enjoy their experience. Please remember that this is a National Park and these are hallowed grounds. When visiting with your dog, please:

The Wilkinson Trail is a 4.2 mile looped footpath through fields, woods, and hills in the northern section of the Saratoga Battlefield. Be prepared! Wear sturdy shoes, bring water, snacks, bug spray, and sunscreen! If you want a shorter trail, make sure to follow the Liason Trail for a 2 mile hike. Along the trail, listen to the Wilkinson Trail Audio Tour and retrace the same path where soldiers marched to and from battle.

I am excited to share that as part of their RURALities programme, Meadow Arts have commissioned me to create a piece of #audio #art documenting this year\u2019s transition into #Spring. We want to hear from those living and working in rural areas to collect your views about lifting out of the pandemic, and the coming of Spring as we approach the Vernal Equin\u2026

This book was unlike any Ive ever read. A quick and unpredictable storyline, superb writing and characters I actually cared about. I truly did not want it to end! In fact, I started getting depressed as I approached the end and paused to find other books like it by Black woman authors (to no avail). I absolutely loved her writing (and thinking) and loved getting a completely different take on Africa. Ill definitely be looking for her next one! Bravo!

Steve Jobs always wore his black turtleneck. Mark Zuckerberg is known for his t-shirt and hoodie uniform (among a couple other things). These big household names chose wardrobes that meant not having to make decisions about what to wear every day. Each decision we make in a day takes energy. And they wanted to save the energy because they have to make much better and more important decisions later in the day. And so do you. And so do caregivers like Melia.

So, for this month, consider sharing the BEFAST warning signs for stroke on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, office bulletin board, side of your car, email signature, or other communication medium. Or do something radical like talk to people in person. We want as many people as possible to recognize the signs of stroke as soon as possible because time lost is brain lost.

And our biggest fear at the time was if one of our customers might want to come and visit us, because we were terrified at the thought of them figuring out where it was that we lived. So we developed quickly some really fantastic tools and opportunity. We were able to build technology that made it possible for people to modify and update their website with the click of a button and just drop and drag simple. And at that point in time no one else anywhere in the country was doing something like that. And we were very excited about all the things that we had in front of us. In fact, we were so excited that we decided we wanted to leverage and ramp things up.

The existential threat that climate change presents can be overwhelming for us non-scientists. As in most things, we want our climate experts to be informed, rational and clear-headed. But both of my guests have been very open about the scary, complicated and sometimes paralyzing feelings that climate change brings up for them. Is there a place for emotional vulnerability in the climate conversation

As always, if you have any questions, are looking for an AV partner, or just want more information, check us out online at or toll free at 1-855-MY-ACTav (1-855-692-2828) and let us be The Link Between Tec

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