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[S4E11] Till Death Do Us Part

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[S4E11] Till Death Do Us Part

This episode contains examples of: Badass Boast: Gus delivers one to Héctor Salamanca at the retirement home, saying that he killed off all members of the cartel and Jesse killed his grandson, making him the last of the Salamanca line. Black Comedy: Ted's near-death is probably one of the best examples of this in the show's history. It helps that it feels like a scene that would feel right at home in a Coen Brothers flick like Fargo what with the entire interaction with Huell and Kuby. While Walt's Laughing Mad is primarily a case of Sanity Slippage, at least some of it probably comes from the fact that he's spent several seasons with so much money he can barely hide it and couldn't spend it if he tried, only to find himself with too little the one time he actually needs it. "Blackmail" Is Such an Ugly Word: Skyler interprets Ted's message as this. He makes it clear to Skyler that he feels there is no point to paying the IRS unless he can also pay off his other debts, and he is aware that if he doesn't pay them off they will inevitably audit Skyler and Walt and all three of them will go to jail. Ironically, he interprets Skyler's attempts to confirm this ("But you would accept a larger amount") as offers to pay the rest of his debts as well and refuses. He's not blackmailing her, he's just an idiot who thinks he's doing the right thing. Or so he says. Chekhov's Gun: Ted's rug. He almost trips over it when answering Skyler, then trips over it again when trying to flee from Huell and Kuby, breaking his neck. Chekhov's Gunman: Saul's identity eraser guy. Crazy-Prepared: Gus has a secret hospital set up with medical staff on his payroll to revive him when he self-poisons. Not only that, the hospital is supplied with matching blood types for himself, Jesse, and Mike (and they even know Jesse's entire medical history). Dr. Goodman knows the complete medical history of Gus, Mike, and Jesse whilst also having their blood samples. Given that he's a doctor, it's part of the job description, but still impressive considering he set up a make-shift hospital on short notice. Despair Event Horizon: Walt returns to this when he learns that Gus declared him and his family free game and all of the money they had was given to Ted Beneke by Skyler. Hector breaks down and silently sobs as Gus taunts that the Salamanca name will die with him. The Dog Bites Back: When Walt begs Jesse for his help because he knows Gus wants him dead, Jesse refuses. Jesse: The last time I asked you for help, you said you hope I ended up in a barrel in the Mexican desert! 59ce067264

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