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[S1E13] The Friend Of My Friend Is My Enemy

Skylar introduces Kaz and Oliver to her longtime friend Experion, a cool and charming teenage superhero from Skylar's home planet Caldera. But when Oliver catches Experion in an evil act, he must convince Skylar that her bestie is not as nice as he seems. Meanwhile, Alan completes a new comic book (centering himself) and decides to publish it, despite Kaz warning him not to since it reveals every last secret of Mighty Med.

[S1E13] The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy

Yada, yada, yada, Reddington only wants to get to Anne, who he has apparently visited in Cottonwood Falls, Kan., five times since we last saw him regretfully stand her up for what should have been their final date in New York City. But now here he is, letting himself into Anne's home with the key she gave him for that very purpose, halfway-charming and halfway-annoying her friends with how bad he is at bridge. Her very best friend is Lois, a police officer who's weary of how little Anne knows about her new boyfriend, Ray.

Now, if you're wondering if Anne and Lois have been upset by the reveal that Anne's new boyfriend is the most wanted criminal in the country, they are. Anne calls Red selfish for ignoring the fact that escaping into her life would inexorably draw her into his life as well. And of course, I've already mentioned Lois' promise to shoot Reddington if he tried to escape. And yet when the FBI agents show up at the holding cell, only Anne is left keeping pressure on Lois' wound. The head agent seems suspicious of Anne's claim that she didn't know anything about Reddington's true identity, but she assures him her life isn't so boring that she was willing to spice it up with an international fugitive.

Shelby: Alex, can I give you some advice.Alex: Sure.Shelby: This, truly loving someone, is worth everything. You've always run from it, but as your best friend, I am telling you, stop running.

Claire Temple is a former night shift nurse who worked at Metro-General Hospital and took care of Matt Murdock whenever he was injured during his missions as Daredevil. Meeting Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Temple assisted them medically as they dealt with Kilgrave. However, in the aftermath of a battle against the Hand, Temple was forced to reevaluate her place in the city, choosing to leave Metro-General and return to Harlem, where she came back into contact with Cage. Developing friendship with Cage, Temple became a valuable ally when he went against two crime lords, Cottonmouth and Diamondback, helping him survive a near fatal wound while also reconnecting with his past before Cage was sent back to jail, with Temple promising to wait for him to get back out.

While the Masked Man slept, Temple continued to treat his wounds until he awoke on her sofa, confused and disorientated over what had happened and where he was. Temple explained what had happened and the man realized that she had seen his face, much to his horror, Temple told him that his outfit sucked and questioned him over his blindness, which he refused to answer. She said that she did not wish to have anyone die on her sofa that night and the man questioned why she helped him, which she refused to answer. The man asked her name, which she gave, although the man did not tell her his so she called him Mike, after he ex-boyfriend who also happened to be very good at keeping secrets too. Just before he fell asleep, Mike thanked her for her help.

Days later, while staying at her friend's apartment, Temple was stitching Mike's wounds again after he had had a fight with the Russian mob. She told him that the Russian thug he had thrown off the roof was now in a coma; he did not react. She recommended that Mike get himself some body armor to protect himself, but he insisted that it would slow him down too much and that she should not worry about him. Temple was cat-sitting for her friend despite being allergic to cats. Mike asked Temple to put her phone number into a burner cellphone so he could call her whenever he needed treatment. They went on to discuss Wilson Fisk, who could be running the entire criminal organization.[3]

Temple continued to look after her friend's cat, although she remained suspicious of any sound she overheard in the night. What she was unaware of was that at her former apartment, two Russian thugs had beaten Santino and threatened his mother until he revealed Temple's current location. When they arrived to abduct Temple, she had enough time to call "Mike" but was taken before she could talk. Temple was dragged outside, thrown into a taxi, and driven away to the Russian's base at Veles Taxi.

Brett Mahoney brought Daniel Gibson and those found with him at the Farm to Metro-General Hospital. Following Daredevil's advice, he spoke to Temple, asking her to take in the patients without formally checking them in. Temple brought the victims to a wing of the hospital that was under renovation. She and a team of nurses, including her friend Louisa Delgado, attending to the patients, who were still unconscious. While trying to bring down their fevers, Temple noticed that their fingerprints had been burned off.

She tried to convince him to visit Foggy Nelson, who was in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, but Murdock told her that he had to separate himself from his friends or risk endangering them further. She warned him that he was isolating himself from the very thing he was trying to protect before leaving him on the roof.

Daredevil arrived and saved Temple, while she was forced to knock one of the ninja's out of a window to his death in self defense, but was unable to prevent the ninjas from escaping with all the patients. Afterwards, Murdock explained to her that they had been attacked by the Hand, and gave her his condolences on the loss of her friend. Temple warned him that he appeared unable to handle the situation alone. He received a phone call and left abruptly.[17]

Leaving the hospital, she was met by Foggy Nelson, who had just been discharged. They got into the same elevator. She told him that she had quit, and that their mutual friend would have to seek medical attention elsewhere the next time he was hurt. She explained that the hospital was trying to keep the incident the previous night quiet, as if it never happened. As the elevator doors closed, Nelson asked what had happened.[17]

Temple sat at one of the tables, where she was teasing her mom for being superstitious by playing with the salt shaker. Temple, then, admitted that she is starting to believe in more of a middle ground, as she described the events at the Hospital when the Hand took over and she almost did an autopsy for one of the ninjas who had a huge Y-shaped scar on his chest. She, then, described how her friend got killed by one of the ninjas and that the hospital wanted to cover it up, revealing that she quit. Her mom stated that she was glad that she came home and Temple revealed that she had to, describing how Metro made sure she wouldn't work anywhere else in New York.

Temple and Luke Cage drove to Georgia and were able to track down Noah Burstein's House. Temple claimed she was from Boston University and had questions about Noah Burstein's time at Seagate Penitentiary. He claimed he never worked there. She then said the friend who recommended him was Carl Lucas. Burstein quickly closed the door, but Temple told him Lucas is alive. Burstein went and saw Cage in the car.

During the situation, she noticed Candace Miller was hurting. She examined Miller and told her she didn't break her ankle. Sugar asked what was going on, Temple claimed Miller was her friend and she was just helping. Miller broke down and told Temple that she was paid by Dillard to say Luke Cage killed Cottonmouth. Temple asked for more information and Miller told her Cage could be hiding in the basement next to the storage locker. Temple then told Miller to fake faint. When she did, Temple asked for guidance in getting stuff from the storage locker. As she went with a guard, she knocked him out and went to help Cage.

He and Temple began to flirt about getting coffee, until Dillard was cut loose following the murder of the only witness. With the shock of this still sinking in, Federal Marshalls arrived to arrest Cage now that his true identity had been confirmed. Temple promised to get him in touch with her lawyer friend and kissed Luke before he was taken away. As she sadly walked home alone she stopped to look at a tear-away ad for self defense classes and takes a tab with the dojo's address.[23]

Once she got outside, Wing was there, saying she paid for the pizza. Temple looked at her coldly. Wing tried to explain that there were different functions of the Hand. Temple argued that she lied and knew that her friends died by the Hand, but she didn't say anything. However, Temple still decided to allow Wing in to talk to Rand. As Rand and Wing talked, Temple watched Davos eat pizza. He said, "it's not horrible." She teased him about not liking the best pizza in New York. She then talked to Rand about his morality before he asked to borrow her car.[6]

Luke Cage arrived at Soledad Temple's Apartment to collect Temple. As he tried to explain the situation, she assisted, saying that after dealing with the Hand, she may have become a potential target due to her affiliation with Defenders. Grabbing a scarf, she headed out with Cage. The two grouped with Danny Rand and located Colleen Wing in the alley, slashed by a living Bakuto in the abdomen. With him gone, they brought Wing to 29th Precinct Police Station, where Temple provided aid to her friend.

Gathering with the other friends to the Defenders, Temple and Wing listened to an announcement by Misty Knight, in which she proclaimed that they were under her protection due to the possibility of being targets. Taking Wing aside, Knight spoke with Wing about her katana. When she commented that the police would protect her from the threat, Temple backed Wing, telling Knight that it did not matter.[32] 041b061a72

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