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At the town level was the bailiwick, a group of manors under a single town councillor. These councillors were the leading men of the town and they were entitled to bear arms. All townspeople were obliged to provide a day's work (known as petty-farming.) In a large town, this might be many days a week - grain, wool, leather and so on might have to be transported over some distance in times of war. The archbishop of Canterbury was given properties on both sides of the River Thames as a source of income. Bailiffs formed a ruling body known as the Hundred Court. Another important post was that of'reeve', literally'reeve of the hundred'.

Wards were groups of villages in a particular county, and the ward level was sub-divided into hundreds, though not all hundreds had a name. The lord could hold court at any level up to the hundred court. County courts were established during the Norman Conquest to deal with peasant problems not covered by the hundred court - essentially any problem involving the tenants of the lord.[5]

Tenants, copyholders and copyholders' families were distinguished by their wapentake: 'the four quarters of the countryside divided into wapentakes for local justice and administration'. The wapentake also contributed to the military defence of the kingdom. Tenants (as well as free men, paid and unpaid, millers, craftsmen, etc.) could be forced or contracted to fight in the king's wars. Being fined (or rather debited) at market, making their household goods available to the king: these are the origins of both the rectification lease and the Coronation tax.

The last wapentake in England was abolished during the Edwardian Reform Programme of 1834. The liberty of Westminster belonged to the Lords of the Liberty of Westminster, and Westminster was divided into four wards. d2c66b5586

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