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i had a look at his blog, and he has a lot of interesting posts, ranging from explaining how to crack passwords and explain how to crack things, such as cracking password protected zip files. he also posted a link to a tool called hashcat. he has been using this tool for a while, he says. hashcat is a hash cracking tool which lets you do multiple algorithms at the same time. it's fairly easy to use, and it's compatible with most operating systems.

he says it's not something he did with the list of hashed passcodes that he cracked, and when i ask him how he cracked the hashed passwords, he says he used hashcat to try and crack them. hashcat lets you specify which algorithm you want to use. he used a list of passwords from a couple of text files which he found online. he also used other tools such as hashcat, and some other tools which i don't know of. these are things that were created by hackers who really like this kind of thing, he says. 3d9ccd7d82

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