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[S2E8] The Gang Runs For Office

At Paddy's, Mac whines about the alcohol sales taxes and how there is nothing they can do about it. Dee suggests voting, but Frank tells them that all politicians are dirty, and that only scumbags enter politics due to the high frequency of bribes. The gang decides to have Dennis run for an office so they can earn money from bribes. Frank replaces Mac as campaign manager, and Mac storms out.

[S2E8] The Gang Runs for Office

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IMDb Episode Synopsis: The gang discovers that if you run for office, people will pay you to quit. So of course, the gang exploits this and Dennis runs for office. At the same time Frank and Charlie try to stop this, which ends up in a feud.

Michael is in the office asking Barry about the company stocks, he learns that they're 2000 shares short of being the majority stock holders the current majority stock holder is a company called Standpoor, which Michael assumes is Sitwell since it's the opposite. Lucille calls wondering if the Bluths had really lost control of the company, Michael mentions Standpoor and Lucille tells him that it's Lucille 2, Standpoor because she can't stand up without falling down. Lucille says that Lucille 2 is trying to get back at her for the wall moving. Michael and Lucille decide to give Lucille 2 Buster, taking him away from Starla. Meanwhile Tobias is in front of his newly purchased club, the Queen Mary, discussing a mistake the sign maker made, writing "Tobias is Queen Mary" instead of "Tobias's Queen Mary." When he is confronted by a group of roughnecks, really the Hot Cops hired by Lindsay to scare Tobias into selling the club, Tobias ends up recruiting the gang as dancers. At the office Buster breaks up with Starla, once Michael learns of this and the fact that Buster didn't sell his stock as to not hurt the family Michael tells Buster to stick with Starla and says he'll take care of Lucille 2. Michael brings Lucille 2 for a ride in his new car, which retriggers her vertigo. That night Tobias takes his gang on the street where they meet a real gang which they try to turn to good. They are subsequently beaten and one of the Hot Cops is shot.

The gang stood at the end of the road, looking at how Clockwerk's body were all spread out in burning heaps. Yet, despite the explosion, they all remained pristine; it was as if nothing could ever hurt them. Carmelita arrived and, disappointed at not getting a few shots in on Clock-La, took it out on the Hate Chip, crushing it to pieces. The gang then watched as all of the parts began aging in moments, as if time had finally caught up with the old owl. Sly found it ironic that Carmelita, a police officer, would be the one to lift Clockwerk's curse on the Cooper Clan, but he knew that Clockwerk's menace would never again rise to threaten him or his future children.

A girl is walking out on the streets alone and frightened, when she catches the attention of a violent street gang of bikers. They surround her, until Robin steps in. He defeats the gang, and when he turns to check on the girl, she tells him that she can't remember anything and that she has to keep moving, then runs off in a panic. He chases after her but is interrupted by the Bat-signal.

Throughout the episode, Barney runs into a few Chinese men who he has brief but familiar conversations with, leaving the rest of the gang puzzled. He finally tells the group that he used to visit 'the AC' on a regular basis, but he developed a serious problem and stopped. Barney is sure he can win them the money. He enters a confusing Chinese game Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing ("行還是不行", Chinese for 'Deal or No Deal') that no one else understands. However, after watching the game in action Marshall catches on, and counsels Barney to win enough money to pay the boat captain. Marshall's advice proves sound when Barney wins the game and the gang gets the money. 041b061a72

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