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New Holland Field Guide To Birds Of South-East ...

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New Holland Field Guide To Birds Of South-East ...

I've gotten these books either by purchasing them or as additions to the Mystery Birds reference library sent by several publishers. I am very interested to know which field guides you recommend for this region so I can work on adding them to the Mystery Birds reference library.

Birds of India: Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives (Second Edition) (Princeton Field Guides) by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp and Tim Inskipp [Princeton University Press; 2012: Amazon UK; Amazon US] Basics: 2012, paperback, 226 color plates, 1,375 species (including newly identified species), colour-coded range maps.The best field guide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent is now even better. Thoroughly revised, with 73 new plates and many others updated or repainted, the second edition of Birds of India now features all maps and text opposite the plates for quicker and easier reference. Newly identified species have been added, the text has been extensively revised, and all the maps are new. Comprehensive and definitive, this is the indispensable guide for anyone birding in this part of the world.

Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands: Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles and the Comoros by Olivier Langrand and Ian Sinclair [Struik Publishers; 2004: Amazon UK; Amazon US] Basics: 2004, paperback, colour plates, 359 species, colour-coded range maps.Following in the format of Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, this guide presents all the birds of Madagascar and the other Indian Ocean islands (Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius and Mascarenes), a great many species of which are endemic to these islands. In field guide form, this text presents concise descriptions of each species, highlighting diagnostic features for ease of identification. Differences between sexes and plumages are discussed as well as the status of the bird, its habitat and call. Distribution maps accompany each entry. The birds are illustrated in full color and where necessary are depicted in all plumages relevant to identification (male, female and immature). In-flight illustrations present the bird from above and below, providing comprehensive coverage of the birds in the field.

Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia by Craig Robson [New Holland Publishers Ltd; Revised edition; 2011: Guardian Bookshop; Amazon UK; Amazon US] Basics: 2011, flexi-cover, colour plates, 1,327 species.This is the first-time flexi-cover edition of this classic field guide, which is the definitive volume on the region's birdlife. This award-winning book, which was first published in 2000, was fully updated in 2009 to include 76 new species for the region that were recent new discoveries for science, taxonomic 'splits' or had been recorded there for the first time. This comprehensive field guide to the birds of South-East Asia covers all of the 1,327 species recorded in the region and each has been fully illustrated. This edition has many new artworks and 16 more colour plates than the original guide, and the text has been meticulously updated to take in all the most recent information. The vast diversity of South-East Asian birdlife attracts increasing numbers of birdwatchers each year. Covers Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, this unique and indispensable guide covers in detail the identification, voice, breeding, status, habitat and distribution of all the species and distinctive subspecies of the region.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand by Michael Webster and Chew Yen Fook [Ralph Curtis Books; 1997: Amazon UK; Amazon US] Basics: 1997, paperback, colour photographs, 252 species.A handy, pocket sized field guide to Thailand's birds featuring excellent color photographs and brief accounts for 252 different species. Each species account contains information useful to identifying each bird, while color coded "thumb tabs" assist in quickly locating specifi

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