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What is Euro Betting? The Most Common Types of Euro Bets

What is Euro Betting?

Euro betting is an incredibly attractive form of entertainment due to the fierce competition of the odds offered by bookmaker sportsbook and the appealing, high-value rewards. However, to win in this game, players need extensive knowledge and skills in football.

Euro betting involves predicting the outcomes of football matches in the Euro Championship. Players who make accurate predictions will receive rewards from the bookmaker. On the other hand, if the prediction is incorrect, the player will lose the entire amount wagered. The Euro tournament, held every four years alternating with the World Cup, brings together top European football teams, making match results difficult to predict and games highly engaging. The excitement and suspense of each high-level match greatly attract players.

As a result, every Euro tournament sees a large number of bookmakers and players participating. Euro betting odds have become popular among gambling enthusiasts, with various betting options available such as European odds (1X2), Asian handicap odds, card bets, score bets, corner bets, etc. This diversity provides bettors with a wide range of choices.

Popular Types of Euro Bets

To achieve victory in Euro betting, players must first understand both the main and secondary betting odds offered by reputable bookmakers. Here are some of the most common types of Euro bets that players can consider:

European Odds (1X2)

In this type of bet, players don't need to worry about the exact score but rather focus on predicting the outcome: win, lose, or draw, and the betting odds. Additionally, players should consider the initial amount wagered. The calculation for winnings and losses is as follows:

  • Winning Amount = Wagered Amount x (Betting Odds - 1)

  • Losing Amount = Wagered Amount

For example, if the bookmaker sets the odds at 1.5 and you bet $100, the winning amount would be $100 x (1.5 - 1) = $50, while the losing amount would be $100.

The European odds are denoted as 1X2, where:

  • 1 represents the home team. If you bet here and the home team wins, you receive the reward. If the away team wins, you lose the bet.

  • X signifies a draw. If you bet on this and the match ends in a draw, you win the bet.

  • 2 indicates the away team. If you bet here and the away team wins, you receive a significant reward.

Over/Under Bets

Also known as Over/Under bets, players predict whether the total number of goals will be more or less than a number set by the bookmaker in australia. The bookmaker's score could vary, such as 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, with the most common being 2.5. Players have two options: over or under the bookmaker's number. This type of bet is popular and suitable for new bettors. However, you won't know the exact score until the match ends, requiring time to analyze the game's progression.

Half-Time Bets

Traditional betting involves wagering over the full 90 minutes of the match. However, not everyone has the patience or time to follow a match from start to finish. In such cases, half-time bets are the best option. Instead of watching the entire 90 minutes, you only need to focus on the first or second half. Once the result is announced, you can resume your activities or relax.

Asian Handicap Bets

Asian handicap betting is the most basic form of Euro betting and attracts the most participants. This type of bet is divided into smaller categories like level handicap, quarter handicap, half handicap, and 1.5 handicap. Handicap odds are used when there is a noticeable disparity in strength between the two teams, considering factors like star players, lineup, injuries, performance, and home advantage. These odds help level the playing field when betting on Euro matches.

First Goal Scorer Bet

This secondary but highly attractive bet involves predicting and wagering on which player will score the first goal in the match. You can also bet on the "No Goal Scorer" option if you believe no goals will be scored within the stipulated time. If the match ends in a goalless draw, you win the bet. A few points to remember:

  • First goal scorers are often high-performing players positioned at the forefront.

  • If you bet on a player who starts on the bench or is substituted in after the first goal, most bookmakers will refund your bet.

Corner Bets

Instead of analyzing the lineup, player performance, and team situation to predict the outcome, corner bets require you to predict the number of corners awarded. If one team is significantly stronger and constantly attacks the opponent, the number of corners is likely to be high. You can bet on the total number of corners in the first half, second half, or entire match.

Card Bets

In closely matched games, it’s challenging to avoid collisions and violations. For this type of Euro bet, players predict the number of cards issued to players from both teams. Similar to corner bets, you can wager on card totals for the first half, second half, or entire match. To make an informed bet, consider whether any players are overly aggressive and frequently penalized.

These are the most common types of Euro bets currently offered by top bookmakers like Win tips and other reputable providers. Each bet type has its own unique appeal and advantages, so players should thoroughly research and choose the ones that best fit their preferences.

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