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4dx Franklin Covey Pdf Free

These are but snippets of the volume of work I have amassed on this project. A more comprehensive document with detailed support will be forthcoming during late 2015. Anyone wishing further information please feel free to call or email . . . my phone number is 270-866-1244 and my email address is Thanks

4dx franklin covey pdf free

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Our district never backed the program enough to fund it (or help fund it) especially in a school with a population where 100% of the students are on free (yes FREE- as opposed to reduced) breakfast AND lunch, and are at 92% minority.

Agreed, from what I have seen, this program seems to be obedience oriented, as opposed to leadership oriented. While obedience in school is important, to an extent, free thinking is of equal importance unless you want to live in a cookie-cutter society.

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