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29 : Awakening X And X Potential

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29 : Awakening X And X Potential

Gon rightly points out that Wing is neither of the two, and Killua wonders why he suddenly decided to teach them the real four major principles. Wing replies that he didn't want to waste the opportunity since they would stand no chance if they were to compete above the 200th floor since every fighter there knows Nen. He then reveals that the veterans attack new fighters with Nen to awaken them without restraint and don't care if they die as a result, with the survivors sometimes becoming disfigured and maimed. However, he is confident that the method will awaken their power since they both have the necessary potential and ability. He then tells them to put down their belongings, take off their overshirts, and turn their backs toward him. They follow his instructions, and Wing holds his hands near both of their backs, with the two immediately feeling the heat and pressure. As Killua is reminded of Illumi's Nen (although a much weaker version), Wing begins the process and sends his aura through both their bodies, successfully opening all their aura nodes.

Of course, if you remember, doing good Cog-Psi I do a convergence argument (draws Convergence diagram again) to get a trustworthy problem or construct. And then I basically do a divergence argument (draws equally balancing, diverging lines on the right) to show how it has the potential to explain many important phenomena and establish a relevant balance between them. And so that's what I'm building here (indicates the balanced construct drawn on the board). Right now we're on this side (left; converging), how all these things are converging on Relevance Realisation (writes RR in the circle in the middle of the diagram). And then, as I said, can we use this to explain many of the features that seem to be central to human spirituality, meaning making, self-transcendence, altered States of consciousness and wisdom.

Inflammasomes have been linked to carcinogenesis and the maintenance of a tumorigenic microenvironment.19,20 It is likely that inflammasomes may play a critical role in the formation and progression of cancer through their contribution to inflammation, immune responses, and tissue homeostasis. Although macrophages are the largest producers of IL-1β, other cell types from various tissue sources can also produce epidermal tissue, mucosa epithelial cells, acinar, and ductal cells of the salivary glands. However, limited work has been put into studying the levels of IL-1β and its relationship with different types of cancers. Given the growing number of evidences that cancer progression correlates with an increase in IL-1β,21 it is reasonable to suggest that IL-1β could be a potential biomarker as a predictor of cancer risk or cancer prognosis.

Researchers working with saliva biomarkers and diagnostics are always faced with the dilemma of whether the levels of target biomarker in saliva correlate with that in the blood circulation. Some studied biomarkers show correlated changes between saliva and serum or plasma. For example, a positive correlation exists between salivary and serological levels of antigen CS 15-3 and the oncogene, c-erb, where it was shown to be significantly higher in breast cancer patients than in healthy controls.14,15,48 On the other hand, biomarkers such as IL-8, a potential biomarker for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), could be detected at higher concentrations in saliva than serum.49 However, the relationship between salivary and blood IL-1β is not clear. However, what is now clear is that circulating IL-1β in the blood of healthy individuals is very low and often below the detection limit,50 whereas it is generally higher in saliva.21 Resende et al44 showed that salivary IL-1β levels increased progressively from the time before diagnosis until weeks after diagnosis, whereas blood IL-1β peak levels could be observed only within the time allotted for diagnosis in an acute graft-versus-host disease clinical

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