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Soda PDF Professional Edition Portable

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Soda PDF Professional Edition Portable

the drinkmate can make soda, cola, ginger ale, lemonade, or any flavor of carbonated water you want. it can also make up to two liters of carbonated water. after letting it carbonate for about five minutes, the machine automatically releases the pressure and fizzes the soda out of the bottle.

many of the sodastream machines are designed to be used with carbonated water from the store, so they can carbonate the drink in about five minutes. the drinkmate takes a little longer, but carbonates far more efficiently. it takes about 30 minutes for the drinkmate to carbonate two liters of water, which is three times the amount that sodastream can do.

most soda makers require you to make the soda at least once before using the machine again. but the drinkmate has a simple, two-step carbonation process that lets you carbonate and release the carbonation pressure twice in a row. it would be like carbonating soda and then leaving it to sit a few hours to let it fizz out.

the drinkmate is also the only soda maker weve tested that has a built-in counter. this counter lets you see how much soda you have left, which makes it easy to know when you need to order more. some other soda makers require you to check the level of a cylinder somewhere. a thermometer is also built into the drinkmate, which you can use to see when the pressure is about to release.

even after the machine is set up, you can make multiple drinks at once. in fact, the drinkmate holds five bottles at once, which is the max. it takes about five minutes to carbonate and then ten minutes to release the pressure. when you press the button to make the soda, the co2 capsule is injected into the water in the bottle at a rate of about one liter per minute. when the carbonation is done, the machine automatically releases the pressure and fizzes the soda out of the bottle. 3d9ccd7d82

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