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Katelyn Brooks Your Hungry Unaware Wife

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You have a bad feeling about the situation. You don't know why, but the sensation is overwhelming. There's just no need to explain why to yourself. There's no one here who'll understand anyway. No friends, no family. You're stranded, lost and alone in a massive abandoned warehouse. You pound on the pink plastic but it does you no good. You're trapped, shrunken down and lost within an enormous container of car sized tic-tacs. You know at this size you could be easily gobbled up with all of the mints, but you're sure the extremely attractive girl who bought the mints will surly notice your pathetic life before devouring all of her delicious tongue-tingling purchases. But what if she... doesn't? It's been a typical day in the life of a young Goddess and I'm finishing it off by studying and writing in my journal. Just as I make some progress on my entry, I start to get a craving for the tiny mints I purchased earlier that day. I grab my purse, pull them out and set them on my desk as I continue writing. I quickly get lost in my writing again, but the urge to suck on a few mints eventually wins and I pour some onto my hand while still trying to stay focused on my thoughts. Did one of my mints just move? Nah. I bring the handful of mints up to my hungry, waiting mouth and it's there that it quickly becomes obvious that I'm a little too lost in my work. The mints miss their target and all go falling down my huge boobs! Looking down I notice one little mint hasn't fallen all the way down but is slowly slipping down my soft cleavage. I reach in and grab it from its soft resting place and hold on to it between my fingers. 827ec27edc

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