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What is a 1.75 Handicap Bet? Expert Tips for Playing Handicap Bets

Online football betting always attracts many enthusiasts due to the variety of betting odds available. The chances of winning are higher with handicap bets. So, what is a 1.75 handicap bet, and how do you play it to increase your chances of winning? Read this article to learn more about 1.75 handicap bets and master the expert tips for playing high-level handicap bets with win tips.

What is a 1.75 Handicap Bet?

A 1.75 handicap bet, also known as a 1 3/4 handicap or a 1.5/2 handicap, is one of the most common Asian betting odds.

Simply put, in this bet, the favored team must give the underdog team a 1.75-goal head start before the match begins. The favored team only wins the bet if they win by at least 2 goals. If the favored team wins by exactly 2 goals, the bettor wins half their stake, and the underdog bettors lose half their stake.

How to Interpret a 1.75 Handicap Bet

When placing a 1.75 handicap bet, several scenarios can occur, each affecting the payout differently:

  • The favored team wins by 3 or more goals: The bettors who placed their bet on the favored team win the full amount, while the bettors on the underdog lose their entire stake.

  • The favored team wins by exactly 2 goals: The bettors on the favored team win half their stake, while the underdog bettors lose half their stake.

  • The underdog loses by 1 goal, wins, or draws: The bettors on the underdog win their full stake, while the bettors on the favored team lose their entire stake.

For example, if Chelsea gives Manchester United a 1.75-goal handicap:

  • If Chelsea wins by 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, 4-3, etc.), the bettors on Chelsea lose their entire stake, and the bettors on Manchester United win their full stake.

  • If Chelsea wins by 2 goals (2-0, 3-1, 5-3, etc.), the bettors on Chelsea win half their stake, and the bettors on Manchester United lose half their stake.

  • If Chelsea wins by 3 or more goals (3-0, 5-1, 6-3, etc.), the bettors on Chelsea win their full stake, and the bettors on Manchester United lose their entire stake.

  • If Manchester United wins, draws, or loses by 1 goal, the bettors on Chelsea lose their entire stake, and the bettors on Manchester United win their full stake.

Steps to Place a 1.75 Handicap Bet

A 1.75 handicap bet is a type of bet within the Asian Handicap category. The steps to place this bet are similar to other types of bets:

  1. Register an account with a reputable soccer betting site.

  2. After registering, log in to the bookmaker's homepage.

  3. Select "Sports Betting" on the bookmaker's interface.

  4. Choose the match you want to bet on, click on the Asian Handicap, and select the 1.75 handicap bet. Enter your desired bet amount.

When registering, link your account to a bank account for easy and quick deposits. Alternatively, you can deposit using a phone card.

Expert Tips for Playing High-Level Handicap Bets

To consistently win with 1.75 handicap bets, it's crucial to understand both the rules and betting techniques. Here are some expert tips to help you:

Understand the Rules and 1.75 Handicap Odds

Betting has a small element of luck, but without a thorough understanding of the rules and the 1.75 handicap odds, winning can be challenging. Study the betting techniques and 1.75 handicap odds in detail before placing your bets.

Analyze the Performance of Each Team

Bookmakers usually set handicap odds favoring the stronger team. This can help you identify the advantaged team. However, less reputable bookmakers may provide misleading odds favoring the weaker team. Be cautious to avoid falling into such traps.

Research the performance of both teams independently. This will help you accurately predict the outcome of the match and choose the appropriate 1.75 handicap odds.

Pay Close Attention to Bookmaker Odds

Bookmaker odds are helpful for analyzing bets. For 1.75 handicap bets, refer to the odds provided by the bookmaker to understand the strengths of each team.

Monitor the odds about 60 minutes before the match starts, as bookmakers often adjust the odds during this time.

Split Your Bet Amount

Experienced bettors advise against placing your entire bet on a single outcome. Split your bet amount to prolong your betting duration. While a large single bet can yield substantial winnings, it can also result in significant losses.

Which Bookmaker is the Most Reliable for Handicap Bets?

w88 is a highly reputable bookmaker for 1.75 handicap bets, attracting many bettors. W88 is licensed to operate legally, ensuring safe accounts and professional player support.

When betting with w88, you can enjoy a variety of bet types, including Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and European Handicap. Additionally, w88 guarantees 100% player information security, with no incidents of account hacking or prize disputes.

Promotional Programs at w88

w88 is rated as the number one new betting site uk by many bettors due to its wide range of promotional programs:

  • Cashback up to 120% for new members on their first deposit.

  • High discounts on subsequent deposits.

  • Daily free code giveaways for bettors at w88.

  • Promotional codes for the lucky player of the week or month.

This article provides all the information about 1.75 handicap bets. Playing handicap bets is straightforward if you follow the steps outlined above. We hope these tips and insights will enhance your knowledge and experience with 1.75 handicap bets.

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