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Acronis True Image 11 Boot Cd Iso [PORTABLE]

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The documentation is indeed misleading as one gets the impression that images from ghost version 11 is supported. That is not true and directly misleading. Version 11 and 11,5 with .gho extension is NOT supported.

Just like the old boot floppy diskettes, CD or DVD-ROM discs can boot to a DOS or other operating systems. Just copying files to a CD will not work because the CD will need a master boot record and other hidden Startup operating system files. Instead, the preferred method is to create a single file, an image of a bootable CD, called an ISO image. Most CD-ROM burning applications recognize this type of image file. Once the ISO file is burned as an image, then the new CD is a clone of the original and bootable. Besides the bootable OS, the CD will also hold the various software applications like many Seagate utilities that are downloadable in .iso image format.This document will cover How to use a downloaded ISO image and methods for rendering an .iso file ready to use.Hardware Prerequisite: An internal or external CD-ROM burner is required for burning the ISO image to a blank CD.

I am a long term user of Hiren's Boot CD, but the CD does not support booting on UEFI/EFI/SecureBoot hardware, is there some kind of update/patch to apply to the cd image to be able to boot without BIOS Can I make this myself (By putting some files in the iso image)

It's very similar to HBCD - something like HBCD upgrade. I have made bootable HDD with small partition for DLCD and other partition with ghost images and other software tools... I was using 2014 without UEFI but this new 2015 is described to support UEFI. 153554b96e

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