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Escape The Fate This War Is Ours Zip Download !!TOP!!


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When downloading the standalone version, make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file.If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.(Saves are in the "www" > "save" folder; if downloading a new version, transfer this folder to keep your saves.)

Boat Ending: On Day 9, give the castaway 3 Food. On Day 13, talk things out with the girl.Over the course of this scene and the two following Touko scenes, give her a total of 500 Material. (For optimal use of resources, I suggest giving 100, 100, then 300.)

1. (409) Now, when Titus was come into this [upper] city, he admired not onlysome other places of strength in it, but particularly those strong towers whichthe tyrants, in their mad conduct, had relinquished; (410) for when he sawtheir solid altitude, and the largeness of their several stones. and theexactness of their joints, as also how great was their breadth, and howextensive their length, he expressed himself after the manner following:-(411)"We have certainly had God for our assistant in this war, and it was no otherthan God who ejected the Jews out of these fortifications; for what could thehands of men, or any machines, do towards overthrowing these towers!" (412) Atwhich time he had many such discourses to his friends; he also let such go freeas had been bound by the tyrants, and were left in the prisons. (413) Toconclude, when he entirely demolished the rest of the city, and overthrew itswars, he left these towers as a monument of his good fortune, which had provedhis auxiliaries, and enabled him to take what could not otherwise have beentaken by him.

2. (414) And now, since his soldiers were already quite tired with killingmen, and yet there appeared to be a vast multitude still remaining alive,Caesar gave orders that they should kill none but those that were in arms, andopposed them, but should take the rest alive. (415) But, together with thosewhom they had orders to slay, they slew the aged and the infirm; but for thosethat were in their flourishing age, and who might be useful to them, they drovethem together into the temple, and shut them up within the walls of the courtof the women; (416) over which Caesar set one of his freed men, as also Fronto,one of his own friends; which last was to determine every one's fate, accordingto his merits. (417) So this Fronto slew all those that had been seditious androbbers, who were impeached one by another; but of the young men he chose outthe tallest and most beautiful, and reserved them for the triumph; (418) and asfor the rest of the multitude that were above seventeen years old, he put theminto bonds, and sent them to the Egyptian mines. Titus also sent a greatnumber into the provinces, as a present to them, that they might be destroyedupon their theaters, by the sword and by the wild beasts; but those that wereunder seventeen years of age were sold for slaves. (419) Now during the dayswherein Fronto was distinguishing these men, there perished, for want of food,eleven thousand; some of whom did not taste any food, through the hatred theirguards bore to them; and others would not take in any when it was given them.The multitude also was so very great, that they were in want even of corn fortheir sustenance.

Then came Dionysus, whose ecstatic revels first shocked the Apollonian man of Greek culture. In the end, however, it was only through one's immersion in the Dionysian essence of Primordial Unity that redemption from the suffering of the world could be achieved. In Dionysus, man found that his existence was not limited to his individual experiences alone, and thus a way was found to escape the fate of all men, which is death. As the Dio

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