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Faced with all these challenges, many investors might consider taking a closer look at the telecom giant Verizon (VZ 1.26%). But is this blue-chip stalwart really a worthwhile investment right now Let's review four reasons to buy Verizon -- and one reason to sell it -- to determine if it's a good bear market buy.

There have been several articles published about McDonald's Corporation (NYSE:MCD) recently on Seeking Alpha, with most of them natural or negative on the stock. The primary reason for this negativity appears to be the stock's valuation. While it's true that shares have a price-to-earnings ratio north of 26, I believe there are four reasons that the stock can be bought today and one reason it can be sold. In fact, we added to our position in the third quarter.

ASML's headline numbers were stable, but its stock was cut in half this year as investors fretted over the broader slowdown of the semiconductor sector and rising interest rates. But could ASML actually be a great long-term investment at these levels Let's review four reasons to buy ASML -- as well as one reason to sell it -- to decide.

There are two reasons for this. First, ASML is a Dutch company. The Dutch, under pressure from the Trump administration, had already blocked ASML from selling its EUV systems to leading Chinese chip foundries like SMIC in 2020.

A national survey finds that nearly half of gun owners (48%) volunteer that the main reason they own a gun is for protection; just 32% say they have a gun primarily for hunting and even fewer cite other reasons, such as target shooting. In 1999, 49% said they owned a gun mostly for hunting, while just 26% cited protection as the biggest factor.

About a quarter of Americans (24%) say they personally own a gun, rifle or pistol; another 13% say another person in their household has a gun. Most Americans (57%) say they do not have a gun in their household. Gun ownership rates differ by gender, region, age, race, ethnicity and other demographics (See Section 3 of this report).Gun owners increasingly cite protection as the main reason they own a gun. And a large percentage (79%) say having a gun makes them feel safer. At the same time, nearly as many (78%) say that owning a gun is something they enjoy.

While protection is a major reason that gun owners give for having a weapon, safety also is a top concern among those in non-gun households who express discomfort with having a gun in their home. Among those in non-gun households who would be uncomfortable having a gun, 39% say the reason they would be uncomfortable is the risk of an accident, including 29% who specifically mention concerns about children. Another 22% have more general concerns about the dangers posed by guns or gun safety.

It doesn't matter. Valve will, upon request via, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within the required return period, and, in the case of games, if the title has been played for less than two hours.

You will be issued a full refund of your purchase within a week of approval. You will receive the refund in Steam Wallet funds or through the same payment method you used to make the purchase. If, for any reason, Steam is unable to issue a refund via your initial payment method, your Steam Wallet will be credited the full amount. (Some payment methods available through Steam in your country may not support refunding a purchase back to the original payment method. Click here for a full list.)

Now we have reached what we believe to be the number one reason people choose to buy standard bikes, the price. With fewer added features, the bikes naturally cost substantially less than the fully loaded models. The lower price makes these bikes an excellent choice for beginning riders who may want to ride for a while before deciding to lay down some serious money. Even for those of you who have been at this deal for some time now might like extra spending money left over for niceties like food and rent after buying a bike.

So, there you have it, our top five reasons to buy a naked bike. And, if you like to ride, remember that Chaparral Motorsports sells everything you need to ride motorcycles in comfort, style and safety. You can even buy or finance a new or used motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side from us. We are authorized to sell many of the best brands available, and we have all styles for every taste. Call us at 1-800-732-3648

My first article in this series lists the 4 Deeper Emotional Reasons Why Your Best Customers Buy from You: The reasons that live behind the emotional curtain, the 4 major plot points that reveal the deeper reasons why they buy:

This brings up another potential issue: the usefulness of your smart TV is limited by the apps that are available for it. If content providers stop updating their smart TV apps for whatever reason, your smart TV loses a big chunk of what makes it "smart." Some smart TVs also have a limited amount of space, so you might not be able to install all the apps you want to use.

New York was the only state that banned CFAR policies. But in March 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a change in state insurance regulations. Because of the pandemic, New York residents can now buy CFAR insurance even if that reason is the pandemic.

The preceding Articles Shall apply only, First: to captures of which the council of prizes Shall have ordered restitution, it being well understood that the claimant cannot have recourse to the United States otherwise than he might have had to the Government of the French republic, and only in case of insufficiency of the captors--2d the debts mentioned in the Said fifth Article of the Convention contracted before the 8th Vendémiaire an 9 (30th September 1800) the payment of which has been heretofore claimed of the actual Government of France and for which the creditors have a right to the protection of the United States;-- the Said 5th Article does not comprehend prizes whose condemnation has been or Shall be confirmed: it is the express intention of the contracting parties not to extend the benefit of the present Convention to reclamations of American citizens who Shall have established houses of Commerce in France, England or other countries than the United States in partnership with foreigners, and who by that reason and the nature of their commerce ought to be regarded as domiciliated in the places where Such house exist.--All agreements and bargains concerning merchandize, which Shall not be the property of American citizens, are equally excepted from the benefit of the said Conventions, Saving however to Such persons their claims in like manner as if this Treaty had not been made.

The big question Meeks asked is: If the money was taken out by a lender, why What reason would anyone have to pull all that money out, leading to the whole company closing down, if indeed that is what happened

Your travel insurance policy can reimburse you for prepaid, non-refundable trip deposits if a trip is canceled for a covered reason. These outlays can include airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, tours and cruises, says Daniel Durazo, spokesperson with Allianz Travel Insurance.

Examples of acceptable reasons to cancel a trip include illness, injury or death of the traveler, a close family member or a traveling companion; military deployment or civil unrest; a serious family emergency, even unplanned jury duty.

Other reasons include: your travel supplier stops offering services for 24 hours due to a natural disaster, severe weather or a strike, your home or destination becomes uninhabitable or you or a traveling companion lose your job after you purchase your policy.

You typically can't cancel your trip for any reason and expect to be reimbursed just because you have travel insurance. For example, if you have a fight with your friend and don't want to travel with her, or you change your mind about taking a long-haul flight to Hawaii, these are not covered reasons.

"Travel delay coverage provides reimbursement if a traveler is delayed for one of the policy's covered reasons," says Megan Moncrief, spokesperson with Squaremouth. "This benefit will typically reimburse for expenses such as food, lodging and local transportation that are incurred during the delay."

Your policy may also cover the cost of a one-way economy airline ticket home. Not all reasons are covered, however. For example, if your beach vacation is a wash out or you miss your new puppy, your trip interruption benefits won't apply.

Of course, there are budget plans out there that could cost (and cover) less. And you could also shell out for premium coverage so you can take advantage of a "cancel for any reason" policy. Whichever plan you choose, make sure you read the fine print so you understand what you're paying for. 59ce067264

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