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Applied Geophysics (Geology 319 829)

Charlotte Krawczyk is the director of the Geophysics Department at GFZ Potsdam and is a professor of geophysics at Technical University of Berlin. Her scientific interests comprise seismic methods and technical developments in applied geophysics, subseismic deformation analysis, and geophysical imaging of deformation and mass transport. She currently serves as the executive editor of Solid Earth, and she is a member of Acatech and AcademiaNet.

Applied Geophysics (Geology 319 829)

Almeida, G.M., Rosa, M.L.S., de Menezes, M.R.F. (2017) Litogeochemistry and petrography applied to provenance study in the emerged portion of the aptian sedimentation of Alagoas Basin, ne Brazil. Geociencias 36, 481-495. 041b061a72

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