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Something of a musical polymath, this supernal British jazz guitarist advanced the vocabulary of his instrument by using unusual scales and absorbing elements from progressive rock (including effects pedals). Though he often used ornate finger-picking, he liked to articulate melodies in a smooth, legato style, reflecting his interest in the sound of the saxophone.


As someone who has played jazz/pop/rock guitar and electric bass (both publicly and now privately) for many years, I am trying to understand why the name Chuck Wayne only vaguely rings a bell.I heard him for the first time last night (because of a suggestion from a musical acquaintance) and was very impressed.A Joe Pass single line technique combined with (usually fast but smooth) block chord melodies that included some intricate contrapuntal ideas.I plan on listening to this musical monster more today.

Fab Merrett & Al Warren are two talented professionals who love playing music in the smooth jazz style. Fab (aka Fabio Mereghetti, piano), who with his band Cherry Pickers records and plays live around Europe, is actually a creative director, while Al (a.k.a. Alberto Guariglia, guitar), is a studio artist for several bands and is a doctor in life.

Smooth jazz is a genre of music that emerged in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity for its relaxed, easy-going sound. Unlike other forms of jazz, smooth jazz is characterized by a smooth, flowing rhythm that is easy to listen to. This makes it the perfect choice for background music in restaurants and stores or for simply relaxing at home. In addition to its mellow sound, smooth jazz also features extended saxophone solos and complex chord progressions. This gives the music a richness and depth that can be enjoyed even by listeners who are not familiar with jazz.

Originally hailing from Argentina, SADE is a musical group that has been around since the early 1980s. The group is composed of four members: lead vocalist Sade Adu, bassist Paul Denman, guitarist Stuart Matthewman, and drummer Andrew Hale. Although their sound has evolved over the years, they are best known for their smooth blend of R&B, jazz, and pop. They have released seven studio albums, with their most recent released in 2010. Throughout their career, they have sold 70M+ records worldwide and have won numerous awards, including a Grammy and a BRIT Award. Despite all their success, the group has remained relatively private and does not give many interviews or media appearances.From the first note of their debut album, Diamond Life, to the final refrain of their most recent release, The Ultimate Collection, Sade has left an indelible mark on the music world. Their sound is defined by smooth, soulful vocals and mellow instrumentals. Here is the opening track of Diamond Life:

Since 2010, Marcus Miller has been a driving force behind The Smooth Jazz Cruise, the most successful music cruise ever produced. Founded in 2004, the cruise has had several hosts and leaders over the years, but once Marcus Miller and, a year later, David Sanborn became the named hosts of the cruise, the format went from one successful sailing per year to two sailings and now is clearly one of, if not the most important and recognized contemporary jazz events in the world. Marcus not only performs on the cruise, but also serves as the host of several events and holds the unique position of being the jazz educator for the cruise, imparting a history of jazz that enhances the experience of every guest. Boney James is now Marcus Miller's co-host and The Smooth Jazz Cruise celebrated its 15th Anniversary and 20th Sailing in 2018, has two amazing cruises planned for 2019 (which are nearly sold out) and will announce its plans for 2020 later this summer. 041b061a72

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